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The 6th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 that was held from June 13th (Wed.) to 15th (Fri.) at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima, Japan, finished successfully all its programs with 187 participants from 47organizations, 12 countries.

We published the Hiroshima Declaration. See the PDF in English and Korean (Hangul).

Hiroshima Declaration (English)

Hiroshima Declaration (Hangul)

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The Japanese government is trying to terminate the Comfort Woman issue on the agreement with the Korean government. Given the current critical state, we publish a discourse on Comfort Woman issue by Rev. Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator.

Download the PDF.

Discourse on Comfort Woman Issue

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This year has marked the 70th memorial after WWII. We publish the Moderator's Discourse on how we interpret these years and what we should do for our future through faith in Christ.

See the PDF.

Moderator's Discourse

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The National Christian Council in Japan Opposes 
the Special Intelligence Protection Bill (“Secrecy Bill”)

We, the National Christian Council in Japan, are opposed to the Secrecy Bill now being deliberated in the Diet.  The Secrecy Bill deprives sovereign Japanese citizens of their right to information and punishes those who are considered to be attempting access of special intelligence. It is a bad law that would significantly control the freedom of thought and religious activities of citizens.

We hereby declare our vehement opposition to this bill, which we fear, through its enactment, would once again make Japan a “Warring Nation.” 

November 22, 2013
The Executive Council of the National Christian Council in Japan

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Japan is entering a very critical phase in terms of how we interpret and treat the Japan's Constitution and the nuclear issues. The Peace and Nuclear Issue Committee of NCCJ clarifies attitudes to these issues.

Each of us should now consider seriously the problems and take actions so that Japan might choose a right future.

Please download the PDF from below.
We hope this statement will be of help for you. 

*The statement has been revised on Aug. 7. 

 "Our Posture" revised

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 On Sunday, May 27th this year, police entered Kaizuka Catholic Church in Yokohama Diocese during mass without permission.  NCCJ has responded to this incident with the following statement.  The original Japanese documents can be downloaded below as a JPEG image.

July 3, 2012

Mr. Jin Matsubara, Chairman, National Public Safety Commission (NPSC)
Mr. Yutaka Katagiri, Commissioner General, National Police Agency (NPA)

Statement on Police Interference Conducted against
Church Activities on the Lord’s Day (Sunday)

  On Sunday, May 27, 2012, six officers with the Kawasaki Rinko Police Station entered the grounds of Yokohama Diocese’s Kaizuka Catholic Church and, ignoring the protests of Father Motoyanagi, parish pastor and administrator of the church, relentlessly questioned congregants of Filipino nationality in an intimidating manner.  This interrogation continued over a period of 50 minutes during which other members protested the actions, and ended when police made an arrest on parish grounds taking one congregant into custody.

  At the June 21st plenary assembly of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan, a consensus was reached regarding this incident, strongly stating that “such conduct is in violation of Article 35 of the Japanese Constitution regarding provisions on illegal entry as well as infringing on religious freedom under Article 20; furthermore, this type of incident must not be repeated not only by Kawasaki Rinko Police Station, but by any police station in any prefecture” for the following reasons:

Many believers and seekers visit the Catholic Church in order to pray, celebrate mass, etc. irrespective of nationality.  In particular, Sunday mass is an especially sacred and important religious ceremony for believers.  

When believers and seekers gather for a period of peace and solemnity, preparing themselves for a celebration of mass, and the authority of the State (in the form of police officers) defies the protests of the church administrator, enters onto parish grounds and carries out questioning, it causes fear, apprehension, humiliation, anger and distress amongst congregants.  This results in an environment altogether unsuitable to conducting a holy and religious ceremony.  This action can be regarded as interference in religious activities by the authority of the State. 

The church aims to be a place where all people baring burdens, even those who have committed crimes, can come without worry.  Believers and others cannot visit a church with peace of mind if they are under the threat of being subjected to police questioning while nearby or on church grounds.  Additionally, by not considering the religious position and vow of confidentiality made by priests and in pressuring the priest coercively through indictments of “You’re protecting a criminal then, aren’t you. Tell the suspect he better leave the grounds now,” police officers deny the religious jurisdiction of the priest and desecrate the religious activities of the Catholic Church such as the sacrament of the confessional. 

The Constitution of Japan guarantees freedom of religious activities such as religious rites, missionary work and laity training for the church and believers as freedom of religion.  Additionally, the Religious Corporation Law lays out that when exercising authority, the State and public entities shall follow provisions of the law, respecting the characteristics and customs of religious corporations and particularly being mindful not to interfere with the freedom of religion. 

   From a like position of regarding religious activities on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) as “especially sacred and important,” National Christian Council in Japan fervently supports the above requests of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and strongly demands that such “police interference conducted against church activities on the Lord’s Day (Sunday)” is never repeated again by police or related entities.    

  As moderator of National Christian Council in Japan, I hereby make public this statement reached by consensus at the July 3, 2012 meeting of the Executive Council.

Rev. Koichi Kobashi
National Christian Council in Japan 

  To download, click the image.


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[en]Here are the statements of the Third Asia Inter-religious Conference on Article 9 that was held October 3rd through 10th last year. One is the overall statement, and the other is the staement which opposes the construction of military facilities now being prepared in Jeju island, South Korea. Please download them. There are Japanese version and English version.[/en]


3rdAriticle9Statement of the 3rd Asia Inter-religious Conference on Article 9


3rdAriticle9Jeju Statement