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NCCJ became a member of ACT (Action by Churches Together) Alliance in May this year.

Headquartered in Genève, Switzerland, ACT Alliance is a Christian international aid organization in cooperation with Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox  Churches.  Although activities had been divided between ACT International, focusing on humanitarian support, and ACT Development, focusing on developmental aid, in 2010 the two branches were brought together to form ACT Alliance.

At the same time as organizational changes were made, ACT Alliance reviewed its membership and sent NCCJ a request to formally apply.

Application was approved by the NCCJ Executive Council in September of the same year and preparations for membership moved forward.  However, work came to a halt with the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.  Ultimately, the necessary paperwork was sent in April of this year and formal membership was approved at the ACT governing board meeting in early May.

In general, ACT’s support for natural disasters covers developing countries in which member organizations are located.  For this reason, Japan, a non-member developed country, was excluded from receiving support.  However, the Great East Japan Earthquake was viewed as an exceptional case.  ACT Alliance sent out a request for support through Church World Service (CWS) soon after the disaster hit and continues its assistance activities today.

In the past, NCCJ has received requests for support from ACT when disasters have struck in various parts of the world and has responded through sending funding via donation campaigns.  Now with membership in ACT Alliance, Japan is formally qualified to also receive support.

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We are pleased to announce that we have published the pamphlet "Nuclear Power is NOT the Solution to Global Warming !! It is the worst choice for Earth's life Environment" first published in Japanese by the Japanese Catholic Council for Justice and Peace in December, 2010. This publication was realized with its permission.
Since March 11th 2011, we learned many things. This pamphlet consists of  valuable data, photos, materials. We believe that there is  a great meaning in  the fact that compact messages and materials of this pamphlet was translated into English.
We would be happy if this pamphlet helps many people to deepen the understanding about nuclear power ploblems.

To help cover printing costs, and to allow for further printing if numbers warrant, we are asking for a donation of 20 yen per copy (or 25cents), plus shipping costs, from our ecumenical partners abroad. If interested in acquiring copies, please contact us through the fax number or E-mail address below.

FAX: +81-3-3204-9495 E-mail:

To order the Japanese version, please contact Japanese Catholic Central Council.
phone: 03-5632-4444   URL:  


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April 12, 2012 

Greetings in Our Risen Lord!

In this the beginning of the 38th General Assembly, NCCJ starts down a fresh path with the election of a new moderator, general secretary and officers.

We would like to express our deep appreciation once again to all of you for your thoughts and support in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.  Although recovery in the affected region is proceeding steadily, the road ahead is long and filled with tremendous obstacles.  We ask for Our Lord’s on-going help and guidance.  With renewed determination, NCCJ will be maintaining its close ties with and supporting the activities of not only our member denominations and organizations, but also other Christian denominations and organizations as well as local churches and support groups working in the area.

The most significant issue raised by this disaster is that of nuclear energy.  Although this topic is being discussed from the aspects of technology, health, economics and politics, it must be brought into the spotlight and considered at an even deeper level.

NCCJ is now working toward creating a preparatory committee for an international conference in which Christians and members of other faith communities come together in unity to confront the issue of nuclear power.  Your knowledge, experience and cooperation would be of great help in this effort.

The more critical the problem, the more critical unity is.  With a motto of “Rather than one person taking one-hundred steps, one-hundred people taking one step,” NCCJ will move forward in its work,

“holding onto the Hope of Christ with confidence and steadfast dedication.”

In Christ,
   Koichi Kobashi,
   NCCJ Moderator

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NCC’s new general assembly has started with new executive members.

On March 26th, 27th, the general meeting was held at St. Andrews Tokyo Church (Episcopal Church of Japan, Minato-ku, Tokyo). In this meeting, all the executive members have been replaced.

The new members are as follows.

Moderator: Kouichi Kobashi (Member of Executive Council of the United Church of Christ in Japan, Pastor of Niijima Church),

Vice-Moderator: Kano Yoshitaka (Pastor of Kurigasawa Japan Baptist Church), Makoto Watabe (Japan Bible Society),

Secretary of General Assembly: Wataru Arizumi (National Councils of YMCAs of Japan), Hiroko Hiraoka ,

General Secretary: Shoko Aminaka (Pastor of the United Church of Christ in Japan)

The theme of the 38th General Assembly is “Keep on walking together, following Jesus Christ” (Mark1:17).

Our policy for this term is to keep on developing the current activity, based on the words of the scripture.

1)     We will strengthen the tie with World Church Council and Christian Council of Asia, through the World’s Ecumenical movement.

2)     Internally, we will promote the agreement and cooperation among churches and pursue the activitiies we have been doing.

As concrete examples, Peace and The Article 9 of the Constitution, Human Right, Freedom of Faith, the World without Nuclear, Disaster relief of the Great Earthquake.


Although NCC, now in the process of structural reorganization, is facing many issues in terms of activity contents, finance, personnel, we are going to give our best to spread the Lord’s words, practice the tasks he ordered, handling the issues with God’s guidance and cooperation of our supporters. 

New executive members of the 38th general assembly

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We received a report from Rev. Kiyokuni Fujii on the Nagasaki Ecumenical Prayer Service 
At 4 o’clock on March 11th, one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Nagasaki Christian Ecumenical Prayer Meeting was held. More than 1200 people gathered and gave prayers together. 
The main presiding was done by Mitsuaki Takami, bishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Nagasaki, and the message was given by Rev. Yasufumi Tomono of National Christian Council. Co-presiding was joined by almost 40 bishops and reverends. 
In the meeting, Mayor Tomihisa Tagami gave a massage “Word for Mourning and Renaissance,” and hymns were sung by Ms. Rutsuko Honda and the ecumenical choir that was assembled for the meeting. 
Also, prayers and pictures for this service were dedicated by more than 1600 children, -from kindergarten kids to high school students- of mission schools and Sunday schools. These prayers were edited as “Prayer of Nagasaki’s Children”, and presented by six children with all the prayers and pictures of all the children.
“Prayer of Nagasaki’s Children” 
Our Father, 
Give us the light and courage.
Children our age have lost their homes and friends. 
Our friends who were looking forward to their future have passed away.
And many people are in sufferings still now.
Please give smile and hope to all the children and people,
We pray that all could live cheerfully and lively,
That the lands and seas of their hometowns damaged by the earthquake and tsunami and
 contaminated by the radiation might recover, and they could be back home again.
Please make us not forget that we and the nature were created by you. 
Let us remember the damaged region and the people in troubles and those who work for them, 
 and have hearts to help with one other. 
Let us act with love you taught us.
In the precious name of the Lord,

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On Sunday March 11, one year after the East Japan Great Earthquake, the National Christian Council in Japan and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan held a “Joint Memorial Prayer Service of Remembrance and Hope for Revival upon the 1 Year Anniversary of the East Japan Great Earthquake and Disasters.” The Service took place in Kojimachi St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Tokyo.

Shortly before the service, at 2:46 PM, the exact time of the earthquake was marked by one minute of silence, followed by a tolling of the Church’s bell. The service, presided jointly by Archbishop Takeo Okada of the Catholic Church and Reverend Isamu Koshiishi, NCCJ Moderator and priest of the Anglican Episcopal Church, began at 3 PM. Catholic and Protestant clergy read in turn Scriptures and a responsive Psalm, and this was followed by a pastoral message from Archbishop Okada.

After offerings were collected, four laypeople led the congregation in communal prayer and, finally, reports of respective support activities in the disaster region were offered by representatives of Protestant and Catholic churches. 

Approximately 1,000 people gathered for the service, and offerings totaled 584,796. These gifts will be shared equally between the NCCJ and the Catholic Church, and will be sent as assistance funds to Tohoku HELP (NCCJ) and Caritas Japan (Catholic). 

Archbishop Takeo Okada of the Catholic Church giving a message

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The coming Sunday, March 11th, the very day one year after the Great East-Japan Earthquake, Ms Shino Watanabe who lives in Germany will hold a charity concert in Dusseldorf the 2nd time following last year to support the people of the disaster areas. The donations at the concert will be sent to NCCJ.

Here is the poster of the concert.

We really appreciate their support.
(Click image to enlarge.)



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You can see Oikumene #47 that was published last December, by downloading from below. Japanese version only. 


Oikumene #47



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Japan Christian Activity News (JCAN), NCC's newsletter in English, is coming soon! Just before published, you can read it by downloading from below (in color version).
In the previous site, it was possible to get the back numbers. However, since the renewal of the site, the link has been cut off. We will recover it as soon as possible. Please wait some time. Thank you.

JCAN #749JCAN #749

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