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Dear ecumenical friends,
Notice from Article 9 Global Inter-Religious Conference.

The book of "the 3rd Asia Inter-Religious Conference" which was held in Okinawa in 2011 is now in PDF.
Please download and read it. 
You can get it also from "Article 9 Global Inter-Religious Conference" in the menu on the right of the page.

 The 3rd Asia Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 

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 The latest program of the 4th Article 9 Global Inter-Religious Conference has come out. The PDF is posted also in the "Article 9  Global Inter-Religious Conference" Section in the MENU on the right. Please see it.

Letter 4: Latest Program

Time Table (updated)

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 The 4th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 will be held from December 1st (Mon) to 5th (Fri) 2014. The section for this conference is now set up at the bottom of the menu, right of this page. Please download the PDFs of the program and the registration form.

We will update the news in this section.

For further information, please email to ;
or call 

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 On July 6th, a hate speech demonstration against Japan Christian Center was carried out in Nishi-Waseda. Ten Christian churches and organizations including National Christian Conference for Promotion of a Basic Law for Foreign Residents and NCCJ Human Tights of Foreign Residents Committee published the Joint Statement against this outrageous act.

Download the PDF.

Joint Statement PDF

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The Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 participated in the WCC General Assembly that was held in Busan from October 30th to November 8th last year. Twelve members were sent, including two from NCCJ: Koichi Kobashi, moderator, and Toshiyuki Mineda, communications officer.  We gave a workshop on the Article 9 of the Constitution.

In the workshop, After the welcome speech by Rev. Hiroko Ueda, 4 persons from Japan and 3 persons from overseas countries gave presentations from each perspective. Finally, Rev. Kobashi made an appeal to maintain the article 9 and spread the value to the world. All their speeches emphasized the importance of the Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan, especially under the critical situation since Prime Minister Abe who tries to revise the Constitution took office.

However, we regret that our appeal was not adopted by the Public Issues Committee because, according to the report of the committee, the proposal did not meet the required criteria. We are preparing to ask them what we need to do to be approved.


Here are the concept paper of the workshop, and the scripts of the presentations given in the workshop. We do not have the scripts by Rev. Henriette Hutabarat Lebang and Rev. Kim Yong Ju. We are sorry for not being able to share them. 


Concept Paper Ueda Takeda Okura 

Tamagawa Kamiya Kobashi Schmidt-Hesse


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 After the Liberal Democratic Party took power last December, all kinds of procedures to restart and export nuclear power plants are under way. Recently Prime Minister Abe signed with Turky  $22 billion nuclear power plant deal. We should be vigilant over this inhumane action the government is taking despite the disastrous Fukushima Dai-ichi Power Plant accident in March 2011.

Last April, we announced on this web site that NCCJ published the pamphlet "Nuclear Power is NOT the Solution to Global Warming!! It is the Worst Choice for Earth's Life Environment" in cooperation with the Japanese Catholic Council for Justice and Peace.

Under these critical circumstances, we would like the pamphlet to be used by as many people as possible. We would be happy if this pamphlet helps you to deepen the understanding about nuclear power problems.

To help cover printing costs, we are asking for a donation of 20 yen per copy (or 20cents), plus shipping costs, from our ecumenical partners abroad. If interested in acquiring copies, please contact us through the fax number or E-mail address below.

FAX: +81-3-3204-9495 E-mail:

To order the Japanese version, please contact Japanese Catholic Central Council.
phone: 03-5632-4444  ¡¡URL:

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On January 24 – 25, the 27th nationwide gathering of the “National Christian Conference for Promotion of a Basic Law for Foreign Residents (Gaikikyo)” was held at the United Church of Christ’s (Kyodan) Tohoku District Center in the northeastern city of Sendai.  With the theme of “Considering ‘Multiracial/Multicultural Coexistence’ from the Tohoku Disaster Area,” 40 representatives participated from the regional network (Gaikiren) of Hokkaidō, Kantō, Kanagawa, Kansai, Hiroshima and Kyūshū, from seven denominations and organizations as well as from NCC Korea.

Prior to the opening of the conference, participants boarded a minibus to visit the cities of Minami Sanriku and Ishi-no-maki, which were heavily impacted by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. The visit was led by members of the Non-Japanese Disaster Victim Relief Center.

On the evening of the 24th, Reverend Masaji AKIBA, director of Gaikikyo, opened the conference with a prayer after which Nobuyuki SATŌ, director of Research-Action Institute for the Koreans in Japan (RAIK), presented a summary report.  Third-generation Korean-Japanese and sociologist Kihwan KWAK, an associate professor at Tōhoku Gakuin University, then spoke on “Non-Japanese Disaster Survivors as Seen through a Survey in the City of Ishi-no-maki,” which was followed by a lively Q & A session.

The second day of the conference, January 25th, started out with a Bible study led by Rev. Jun NAKAIE (Church of Christ in Japan).  Rev. Nakaie spoke in detail about his undertaking of re-reading the Bible during his two years of relief work.  Afterward, Ms. Keiko MAEDA, disaster coordinator for YWCA of Japan, and Rev. Baekki HEO of Korean Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ) reported on “Future Issues in Assistance for Non-Japanese Disaster Survivors.”  During the lunch period, an area was set aside for conference participants from local denominations and churches to speak informally.  In the afternoon, after a workshop entitled “Reading the Basic Law for Foreign Residents while in the Disaster Region,” two church youth reported on the Japan/KCCJ “Trip for Youth” that took place last August. Later on, the entire conference planned out activities and other events for fiscal 2013.  At the closing service, Rev. Hanae IGATA, who has been struggling at a church in the devastated region, offered a message entitled “Sown seeds, sewing seeds.”

Then on January 26th, the “27th National Christian Assembly for the Promotion of a Basic Law for Foreign Residents“ was held at the Sendai Christian Church (Japan Baptist Convention) under the theme of “Praying for Multiracial/Multicultural Coexistence while in the Tohoku Disaster Area.”  Forty-six participants, including those from Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures, traveled through heavy snowfall to join the assembly.  Rev. Kanō YOSHITAKA, NCCJ vice moderator, served as emcee as hymns were sung, prayers offered and a message of solidarity was presented by The National Council of Churches in Korea.  Two migrant women, Marlene SHŌJI of Philippine Community Miyagi and Peichi YANG of Non-Japanese Disaster Victim Relief Center, spoke of their time in Japan and harsh experiences since the March 11th disaster.  After hearing their stories, Bishop Gorō MATSUURA of the Catholic Commission of Japan for Migrants, Refugees and People on the Move gave a message on Samuel 3:1-11 entitled “Responding to God Who Calls You by Name.”

Following this message, Sunhee LEE, a GCOE Fellow at Tohoku University’s School of Law who has been researching about migrant women since before the disaster, spoke in detail about current conditions and issues in a talk entitled, “Tohoku’s Migrant Women.”  The final activity of the day was to look over the assembly’s appeal.  As the snow continued, participants returned to their churches carrying with them the topic of “multiracial, multicultural coexistence.”

Please see the statement and appeal by downloading the following PDF. 

 Statement & Appeal

  Photo: Masaki TOEDA

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CCA News, a newsletter of Christian Council of Asia of which NCCJ is a member, has been published.  
In this issue dated December 2012, as a special focus, there are reports from NCCJ and JEDRO on the activities we have been doing as to the East Japan Great Earthquake. 

Also an theological article on the Great Earthquake and the Accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power by Rev. Kanan Kitani, member of NCC's URM appears in the same issue. 

We really appreciate that all the churches of Asian countries and thoughout the world are praying for and supporting Japan.

Please download the issue and read the articles. The article is on P. 12-14.

CCA NEWS Vol.47, Dec. 2012

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Hongō Catholic Church was the setting for the joint Catholic and Protestant “Prayer Service for Christian Unity” on Sunday, January 20th at 2:30pm.  Over 100 worshipers joined in the service, which opened with Tokyo’s Archbishop Takeo OKADA (Catholic) officiating.  In his sermon, NCC Moderator Rev. Koichi KOBASHI spoke of the importance of being “One in Jesus Christ” through his personal experiences in joint Protestant and Catholic activities, remarking on the clear progress in this trend.

Worshipers from 20 different Catholic organizations and 16 Protestant attended the service.  An offering of 42,909 was collected for the Dalit peoples, known as “untouchables” in
India’s caste system.  Archbishop Okada passed the monetary gift to Rev. Kobashi in order that it be delivered through NCCJ onto a group made up of pastors born into the Dalit caste.

Chapel of Hongo Catholic Church

Rev. Kobashi, NCC Moderator giving the message

Worshippers singing hymns


Archbishop Okada (center, in green clerical robe)


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 The inter-religious Conference on Nuclear Issues was held from December 5th(Wed.) to 7th(Fri.) at Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. After the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused by the East Japan Great Earthquake, the preparation for the conference has been carried out mainly by the Asia Inter-religious Conference on Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution.

Eighty-seven people of Christianity, Buddhism, gathered from countries of Europe, North America, and Asia to talk about how to deal with this issue from religious point of view, and in which direction we should go.

We had reports, story sharing, and discussion, and after them, on the last day of the conference, we adopted the Faith Declaration from Fukushima 2012. We would like to share the fruit of the conference with the world and strive for realization of the society without nuclear, praying for the people in the disaster area so that they could retrieve peaceful lives as before.

Please download the declaration file.

Faith DeclarationFaith Declaration 


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