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 On January 18th, the first day of Christian Unity Week, the worship was held at Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Tokyo. The theme is “The Lord said ‘Give me a drink of water.’ ”

At 2:30, the service started, presided by Rev. Koichi Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, and Rev. Kazuo Koda, Auxiliary Bishop of Catholic Tokyo Diocese. After having sung hymns, the Scripture John 4:1-42 was read, and Br. Manuel Hernandes of Society of Jesus, gave a message.

In the sermon titled “Conversation is important for Christianity to unite,” he said “Everybody should work for the mission. We come to church, pray for ourselves, become satisfied, and keep indifferent about others. It’s not an attitude of a missionary. We should grow believers of Christ.” And he called on us to practice the Lord word “Love one another.”

The offerings were, according to the story of the Samaritan woman, cited in the service, donated to women in difficulties, especially to the center for drug-addicted women, and to single mothers who evacuated from Fukushima to Tokyo.

The amount of the participants were 74 (49 Catholics and 25 Protestants). After the service, a fellowship meeting was held and ended at 4:30. 

  Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier


  From right, Rev. Kazuo Koda, Auxiliary Bishop of Catholic, Koichi Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, Br. Manuel Hernandes of Society of Jesus


  Br. Hernandes gives a message.

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 To our ecumenical friends,

The new year has begun. We hope the blessings of the Lord will guide your paths in 2015 as ever.

In March this year, the 38th general assembly period will end. It has been three years with many issues for us after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we are grateful to have been able to pursuing our activities with the Lord’s guidance and your prayers and cooperation. We are now preparing for the general assembly which is to be held on March 23th, 24th.

We are going to continue our mission to proclaim God’s words to fulfill peace on earth in the next general assembly period as well. Please keep NCCJ in your prayer.  

In Christ,

Rev. Shoko Aminaka

NCCJ General Secretary

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Merry Christmas to each of our ecumenical friends from NCCJ!  

Remember those who are suffering from the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, those who were made weak and humiliated by war, natural disasters, famine throughout the world.

We pray that the blessings of Christmas fill their hearts with hope and strength.




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 Christmas holidays of NCC office are as follows:

December 22 (mon) Last workday of 2014

Decmber 23 (Tue) - January 4 (Sun) Chritmas holidays

January 5 (Mon) Office opens

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The booklet of the 4th Global Conference is now available in PDF. Also, the final statement and the presentations which were not in booklet are bound as Appendix. 

All documents that were posted on 6th are included.

Download the files below.

  Booklet of the 4th Global Inter-religious Conference

Appendix (Statement and Presentations)

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 The 4th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 of Japanese Constitution was held from 3rd to 5th December at YMCA Asia Youth Center in Tokyo. About 120 people from 15 countries participated. 

The conference started under the name of Asia Inter-Religious Conference on Article 6 which was held in 2007 (Tokyo), followed by the 2nd in 2009 (Seoul) and the 3rd in 2011 (Okinawa). This time, we changed the name to Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9, reflecting the participations from all over the world.
Prior to the conference, we had exposure trips to Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base and Naval Air force Facility Atsugi on December 2nd, to Yasukuni Shrine on the morning of December 3rd.
The main conference started on December 3rd, and Keynote Address by Prof. Tetsuya Takahashi (Tokyo University), the presentation by Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit (WCC General Secretary),  and the story sharings by Mr. Masayuki Chinen (Student of Okinawa Christian University) and Rev. Friedhelm Schneider (EMS Germany) were given. The following day, the presentation by Rev. Tainen Miyagi (Buddhist, Shogo-in Temple, Japan), and the story sharings by Prof. Yi Kiho (Hanshin University, Korea) and Rev. U Damma Thara (Buddhist, Myammar) , finally the presentation by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (Muslim, Malaysia) were given. 
The outline of the final statement is as follows: under the recognition that the article 9 of the Japanese Constitution is more than ever relevant for regional and international relations, and that it is forward-looking, we urge all the people of the world to transcend narrow nationalism and strive to construct the peaceful world. We will also call upon WCC to hold the next conference.
On the last day, we marched in the vicinity of YMCA Asia Youth Center, appealing “Peace” in each country’s language.
In this conference, WCC General Secretary and Christian Council in China (CCC) participated for the first time, and the participants were Christians, Buddhists and Muslims from 45 organizations. We confirmed that Article 9 which was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize is worldwide recognized. 

You can see the statement and the presentation by Rev. Dr. Tveit is on the site. All the addresses and presentations will be posted to this site soon.
Participants of the conference
Rev. Dr Olav Fyske Tveit
Marching after the conference

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 The 4th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 was held from Dec. 3 to 5 at YMCA Asia Youth Center in Tokyo.  

Here are the Final Statement of the Conference and the Adress by Rev. Dr Olaf Fykse Tveit, WCC General Secretary.

Final Statement of the 4th Global Inter-religious Conference on Article 9

Article Nine of the japanese Constitution - A Pillar for Peace in Northeast Asia and Beyond

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There was an error in the leaflet.
WCC stands for "World Christian Council" ...correction, "World Council of Churches."

We regret the error.
The leaflet was updated. 

Leaflet Corrected

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 WCC (World Council of Churches) officially announced that Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit, General Secretary will join the 4th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9. We are happy to have him in the conference. He will give a lecture on “the statement on the reinterpretation of  Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution” among 4 statements WCC adopted this year, in terms of the process of adoption and peace and justice WCC considers. For further information, please see the leaflet. You can download the latest PDF (updated Oct. 21) also from “Article 9 Global Inter-Religious Conference” of the menu on the right.

The 4th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 will be held from Dec.3rd to 5th, at YMCA Asia Youth Center, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo. 
Latest leaflet (updated Oct.21)

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 From the Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9.

A leaflet for the 4th conference which will be held Dec.1 to 5 is now available for easier distribution. 

Please print on A4 paper withou size reduction.

You can get the PDF also from the "Article 9 Global Inter-Religious Conference" in Menu on the right.


Leaflet for the conference 

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