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 NCCJ's China Church Relations Committee (CCRC) organized a "Tour to Visit National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Churches" for nine days from May 8th to 16th. 

Eight participants including Rev. Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, stayed at Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Beijing.

Christianity in China has developed marvelously these years, and the Christian population has been increasing. Their activities are obtaining a high evaluation in the society.

CCRC sent the first delegates to China in 1983 and welcomed the first visitors to Japan from China the following year. That was the start of the official relationship with China.

The official mutual visit started in 1996. This year's tour marked the fifth visit to China since 2009, which was fruitful confirming the relationship with China.

You can see the photos of the tour on the Chinese Christian Website

 NCC Moderator Rev. Kobashi and Elder Fu Xianwei, the Chairperson of National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 East China Theological Seminary


 Chongqing Gospel Church


 Chongqing Great Hall of the People


 Sichuan Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 Dinner with the staff of Sichuan Theological Seminary


 Langzhong Church


 At the worship of Chengdu Shangxiang Christian Church


 Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


 Beijing Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 NCC Moderator Rev. Kobashi and Mr. Jiang Jianyong, the Vice Minister of the State Administration for Religious Affairs

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The Center for Minority Issues and Mission (CMIM) started on April 8th. It will engage in a variety of activitiew with the aim to realize an inclusive society, whtere diversity can be celebrated by every person, with dignity and joy.
The history of the center dates back to November 2015. Japanese churches hosted the 3rd International Conference on Minority Issues and Mission, with support and participation from partner churches of several nations. Conference participants affirmed the need ofr deeper coordination among Christians to overcome the spread of intolerance and discrimination against minorities in Japan and other places aroun the world, and vowed to work for reconciliation and hamonious coexistence of all people.
Soon after the conference, the churches of Japan began preparations ofr the much encouragement and support also from ecumenical partners abroad, CMIM celebrated its opning in April this year.

The CMIM website is now under construction. We will link to the site when it comes out. You will get latest news on CMIM there.

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 NCCJ Office will be back to the Christian Center in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, where we were working before. As the remodeling of the office will be done this week, we will move there on 12th, Monday.

Accompanied by the moving, the phone line will be disconnected from 9th Friday to 13th Tuesday next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like to contact us, please use the email. 

The address and the email address are the same, but the phone numbers are different from the previous ones in Nishiwaseda period until 2014.

The address and the phone numbers are as follows: 

2-3-18-24, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0051, JAPAN
Phone 81-3-6302-1919 Fax 81-3-6302-1920
Email: (the same as the current one)

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 The 5th Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9 was held from June 7th to 9th, 2016 in Osaka, Japan.

Download the PDFs of 
the final statement and the booklet distributed in the conference. 

Statement in English




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 Dear Ecumenical Friends,

On April 25th, as you already know, a major earthquake (M7.8) hit Nepal and the surrounding areas. It killed more than 8,700 people, injured 17,000 people.  More than 500,000 houses were destroyed and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. While the rescue parties from all over the world had begun the recovery operations, another big earthquake (M7.3) occurred and increased the damage. 
Act Alliance published the full appeal for Relief on June 2nd. Collected donations will be used for restoration of damaged roads and buildings (including medical facilities), medical treatment and care of injured people, etc.
We have decided to make an appeal for relief of Nepal Earthquake. We would be grateful for your cooperation.
Many apologies for being late for posting the appeal on the English page. 
Appeal target by ACT Alliance to all the member organizations: 
USD 14,750.709-
Period: October 31, 2015
Postal book-transfer Account: 00181-4-75788
Account name: National Christian Council in Japan
Please note ““Nepal Relief 2015” as the subject.

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Dear Ecumenical Friends,

On March 13th, as you already know, Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean. It killed more than 17 people, destroyed thousands of houses and plantations including Tanna Island. The damage situations have not yet become clear, and people are still in the severe circumstances. Act Alliance published the appeal for Relief on March 20th. Collected donations will be used for restoration of damaged roads and buildings (including medical facilities), medical treatment and care of injured people, etc.

We have decided to make an appeal for relief of Vanuatu Cyclone responding to ACT Alliance’s request. We would be grateful for your cooperation.

Appeal target by ACT Alliance to all the member organizations: 

US $ 638,302-

Period: September 30, 2015
Postal book-transfer Account: 00181-4-75788
Account name: National Christian Council in Japan
Please note “Vanuatu Cyclone Relief 2015” as the subject.

National Christian Council in Japan
2-3-1-216, Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0016
Phone: 03-6666-8760  Fax: 03-6666-8766

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 The 39th NCCJ General Assembly was held on March 23rd, 24th at Reinanzaka Church of UCCJ in Minato-ku.


1Closing of Japan Ecumenical Disaster Response Office (JEDRO)

The closing of Japan Ecumenical Disaster Response Office (JEDRO) was reported and approved.

JEDRO started after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, as an acceptance organization of donation from inside and outside of Japan. After three years since the launch of the office, as the contribution almost disappeared, we decided dissolution for reform of the JEDRO. However, the disaster area’s recovery is still halfway to complete, and there are many needs to support of overseas disasters. NCCJ will continue activities searching more improving and efficient ways based on the cooperation with ACT Alliance.


2. Appointment of New Executives

In the 39th general assembly, Koichi KOBASHI, moderator, Makoto WATABE, vice moderator, Shoko AMINAKA, general secretary, will remain in the same positions, and three new executive members were appointed.

Vice Moderator: Shinichi YAHAGI (Episcopal Church of Japan)

Secretary: Shinya KIM (Korean Christian Church)

          Goshi ITO (National Councils of YMCAs of Japan)


In the budget bill of the new assembly period, there was a question about the seismic strengthening construction of the Christian Hall. The financing chairperson answered that we still cannot include it in the budget as the construction committee’s budget is not yet determined.


3. The Theme of 39th Period

The theme of the 39th General Assembly Period is “Advance together, following the Lord’s word on the cross.” (Matthew 16:24)

The following seven items are our primary goals for this period.

1) Doing missionary activities together

2) Testifying God together in society

3) Cooperating with friends of the world

4) Preparing a mission conference/symposium in 2016 for the 70th Anniversary of NCCJ

5) Promoting the commemorative project for 500th Anniversary of Reformation

6) Enhancing committee activities

7) Promoting governance and financial reformation such as revising the divisions, the regulation, expanding contribution and communicating actions


NCCJ has already been under a severe situation in terms of personnel and finance since the 37th general assembly period, but the importance of our mission is increasing when we consider the circumstances of the world and Japan. Please keep us in your prayer and support so that we could keep on advancing. 

  Three persons on the left are newly appointed executive members.

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The Global Inter-religious Conference on Article 9 sent the statement "A comment on Article 9 of Japanese Peace Constitution from World Council of Churches" by Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit to the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on January 26th.

Download the PDF below. 

A Comment on Article 6 

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 On January 18th, the first day of Christian Unity Week, the worship was held at Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier in Tokyo. The theme is “The Lord said ‘Give me a drink of water.’ ”

At 2:30, the service started, presided by Rev. Koichi Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, and Rev. Kazuo Koda, Auxiliary Bishop of Catholic Tokyo Diocese. After having sung hymns, the Scripture John 4:1-42 was read, and Br. Manuel Hernandes of Society of Jesus, gave a message.

In the sermon titled “Conversation is important for Christianity to unite,” he said “Everybody should work for the mission. We come to church, pray for ourselves, become satisfied, and keep indifferent about others. It’s not an attitude of a missionary. We should grow believers of Christ.” And he called on us to practice the Lord word “Love one another.”

The offerings were, according to the story of the Samaritan woman, cited in the service, donated to women in difficulties, especially to the center for drug-addicted women, and to single mothers who evacuated from Fukushima to Tokyo.

The amount of the participants were 74 (49 Catholics and 25 Protestants). After the service, a fellowship meeting was held and ended at 4:30. 

  Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier


  From right, Rev. Kazuo Koda, Auxiliary Bishop of Catholic, Koichi Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, Br. Manuel Hernandes of Society of Jesus


  Br. Hernandes gives a message.

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 To our ecumenical friends,

The new year has begun. We hope the blessings of the Lord will guide your paths in 2015 as ever.

In March this year, the 38th general assembly period will end. It has been three years with many issues for us after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we are grateful to have been able to pursuing our activities with the Lord’s guidance and your prayers and cooperation. We are now preparing for the general assembly which is to be held on March 23th, 24th.

We are going to continue our mission to proclaim God’s words to fulfill peace on earth in the next general assembly period as well. Please keep NCCJ in your prayer.  

In Christ,

Rev. Shoko Aminaka

NCCJ General Secretary

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