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39th General Assembly Is Held
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 The 39th NCCJ General Assembly was held on March 23rd, 24th at Reinanzaka Church of UCCJ in Minato-ku.


1Closing of Japan Ecumenical Disaster Response Office (JEDRO)

The closing of Japan Ecumenical Disaster Response Office (JEDRO) was reported and approved.

JEDRO started after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, as an acceptance organization of donation from inside and outside of Japan. After three years since the launch of the office, as the contribution almost disappeared, we decided dissolution for reform of the JEDRO. However, the disaster area’s recovery is still halfway to complete, and there are many needs to support of overseas disasters. NCCJ will continue activities searching more improving and efficient ways based on the cooperation with ACT Alliance.


2. Appointment of New Executives

In the 39th general assembly, Koichi KOBASHI, moderator, Makoto WATABE, vice moderator, Shoko AMINAKA, general secretary, will remain in the same positions, and three new executive members were appointed.

Vice Moderator: Shinichi YAHAGI (Episcopal Church of Japan)

Secretary: Shinya KIM (Korean Christian Church)

          Goshi ITO (National Councils of YMCAs of Japan)


In the budget bill of the new assembly period, there was a question about the seismic strengthening construction of the Christian Hall. The financing chairperson answered that we still cannot include it in the budget as the construction committee’s budget is not yet determined.


3. The Theme of 39th Period

The theme of the 39th General Assembly Period is “Advance together, following the Lord’s word on the cross.” (Matthew 16:24)

The following seven items are our primary goals for this period.

1) Doing missionary activities together

2) Testifying God together in society

3) Cooperating with friends of the world

4) Preparing a mission conference/symposium in 2016 for the 70th Anniversary of NCCJ

5) Promoting the commemorative project for 500th Anniversary of Reformation

6) Enhancing committee activities

7) Promoting governance and financial reformation such as revising the divisions, the regulation, expanding contribution and communicating actions


NCCJ has already been under a severe situation in terms of personnel and finance since the 37th general assembly period, but the importance of our mission is increasing when we consider the circumstances of the world and Japan. Please keep us in your prayer and support so that we could keep on advancing. 

  Three persons on the left are newly appointed executive members.

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