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Greetings from NJJC
Poster : webmaster on 2015-01-07 15:08:49 (797 reads)

 To our ecumenical friends,

The new year has begun. We hope the blessings of the Lord will guide your paths in 2015 as ever.

In March this year, the 38th general assembly period will end. It has been three years with many issues for us after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we are grateful to have been able to pursuing our activities with the Lord’s guidance and your prayers and cooperation. We are now preparing for the general assembly which is to be held on March 23th, 24th.

We are going to continue our mission to proclaim God’s words to fulfill peace on earth in the next general assembly period as well. Please keep NCCJ in your prayer.  

In Christ,

Rev. Shoko Aminaka

NCCJ General Secretary

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