Prayer of Peace for Unification of Korean Peninsula

Blessed are the peacemakers. They will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Makoto Watabe, NCCJ Moderator

A National Breakfast Prayer Meeting was held mainly by Christian representatives at the Convention Center Kintex in Goyang, near Seoul of South Korea on March 8th. I received the invitation for the first time in seven years and participated. The meeting was a big one with 5.000 participants, the biggest number ever with a choir and orchestra.
As it marked the 50th, the meeting emphasized on liberation and freedom in association with the Jubilee year. Under the theme of "Forgiveness and Reconciliation," it started with the prayer for the unification of the Korean Peninsula and ended with the prayer again for the unification of North and South by the President Moon Yong-Hyung and the first lady Kim Junk-Sook. The participants from Japan were only seven or eight as far as I knew, and it seemed to symbolize the tenuous relationship of Christians between Korea and Japan that is becoming remarkable recently.

Japan is doubtful about their unification, but from the prayers of the Korean Christians, the cry and spirit were conveyed that the driving force to move politics toward the unification of their nation with the DPR Korea (North Korea) founded in 1948, is Christians' prayer.

After returning to Japan, when I attended a seminar by a military critic, I learned the analysis that the route change toward North Korea epitomized by the inter-Korean summit to be held in coming April is highly credible. It is inevitable that there would be more than one million casualties if a war in reality occurs, and the USA deployed the cyber-attack that could paralyze the military command system without causing damage to people as its deterrence. As a result, optimistic criticism was developed that the situation had to be forced to change the route at the end of last year.

Nobody knows how ethnic unity with different regimes will be achieved. But it is human beings that control knowledge, and it is God that controls history and human beings. I pray there would be more Christian politicians in Japan and "world peace" might be kept by the wisdom of God.

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The 40th NCCJ General Assembly was held on March 19th, 20th at Kanda Christ Church of Nippon Sei Ko Kai in Chiyoda-ku.

1Admission of Associate Member Organizations

Waseda Hoshien, Wesley Foundation, and Church World Service Japan were admitted to NCCJ as associate member organizations from a new general assembly period.

2. Appointment of New Executives

NCCJ has started a new system as Rev. Koichi KOBASHI and Rev. Aminaka, who served as moderator and general secretary in the 39th general assembly, resigned. The new executive members are as follows:

Moderator: Makoto WATABE (Japan Bible Society) new

Vice moderator: Shinichi YAHAGI (Episcopal Church of Japan) remaining, Hikari KOKAI (Wesley Foundation) new

Secretary: Shinya KIM (Korean Christian Church) remaining, Jun KAJIHAMA (Japan Bible Society) new

General Secretary: SungJae KIM (Korean Christian Church) new

Chair of Finance Committee: Masayoshi FUTAMI

3. The theme of the new General Assembly Period

The theme of the 40th General Assembly Period is “Advance Together in the Bonds of Peace.” (Ephesians 4:3-4). The following seven items are the core activities.

1) Spread the Gospel together. (Mark 16:19-20)

2) Testify together the God’s word in the society. (Matthew 26:52)

3) Solidarize with friends of the world. (Ephesians 4:3-4)

4) Solidarize with churches of the world (Ephesians 4:25)

5) Enrichment of NCCJ committee activities and promotion of issues

6) 70th Anniversary of NCCJ, Mission Conference 2018 to be held

7) Organization and finance

  Amendment of the regulation

  Improvement of donation and saving for repair

  Public Relations

4. Budget Outline

  Under the severe financial situation, every member church and organization are forced to reduce the contribution to NCCJ. We reviewed the contents of the finance in the 39th General Assembly Period in light of the current situation.

5. Report of the Pre-Meetings

NCCJ will hold a Mission Conference in 2018. Before that, we had four pre-meetings in 2017. The preparation committee gave a report sharing blessings of the activities.

NCCJ has been under the severe situation in personnel and finance. On the other hand, it is a big hope we have new associate member organizations. When we see the current situation of the world and Japan, the importance of NCCJ’s role is increasing. With your support and prayer, we will continue going on our new General Assembly period.

 New executive members


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 NCCJ's China Church Relations Committee (CCRC) organized a "Tour to Visit National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Churches" for nine days from May 8th to 16th. 

Eight participants including Rev. Kobashi, NCCJ Moderator, stayed at Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Beijing.

Christianity in China has developed marvelously these years, and the Christian population has been increasing. Their activities are obtaining a high evaluation in the society.

CCRC sent the first delegates to China in 1983 and welcomed the first visitors to Japan from China the following year. That was the start of the official relationship with China.

The official mutual visit started in 1996. This year's tour marked the fifth visit to China since 2009, which was fruitful confirming the relationship with China.

You can see the photos of the tour on the Chinese Christian Website

 NCC Moderator Rev. Kobashi and Elder Fu Xianwei, the Chairperson of National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 East China Theological Seminary


 Chongqing Gospel Church


 Chongqing Great Hall of the People


 Sichuan Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 Dinner with the staff of Sichuan Theological Seminary


 Langzhong Church


 At the worship of Chengdu Shangxiang Christian Church


 Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


 Beijing Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement


 NCC Moderator Rev. Kobashi and Mr. Jiang Jianyong, the Vice Minister of the State Administration for Religious Affairs

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The Center for Minority Issues and Mission (CMIM) started on April 8th. It will engage in a variety of activitiew with the aim to realize an inclusive society, whtere diversity can be celebrated by every person, with dignity and joy.
The history of the center dates back to November 2015. Japanese churches hosted the 3rd International Conference on Minority Issues and Mission, with support and participation from partner churches of several nations. Conference participants affirmed the need ofr deeper coordination among Christians to overcome the spread of intolerance and discrimination against minorities in Japan and other places aroun the world, and vowed to work for reconciliation and hamonious coexistence of all people.
Soon after the conference, the churches of Japan began preparations ofr the much encouragement and support also from ecumenical partners abroad, CMIM celebrated its opning in April this year.

The CMIM website is now under construction. We will link to the site when it comes out. You will get latest news on CMIM there.

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